Owen’s Blog: November 26, 2017

Before long we’ll be making resolutions for the new year. According to a recent survey, the three most common resolutions among North Americans are…1) To lose weight 2) To stop smoking and 3) To bring personal finances under control. All three are an excellent idea. But why stop there? What about some of the following…

  1. To spend more time in private prayer and scripture reading
  2. To have your neighbours over for coffee or a meal
  3. To spend more time with your family
  4. To do more praising and less complaining!
  5. To work less and take more time for walks, hikes and quiet moments
  6. To do some more quality reading and watch TV less
  7. To keep a journal to record your thoughts and life’s events
  8. To join a Growth Group at the church
  9. To offer to teach Sunday School
  10. To start a hobby or take a class – determine to keep learning

Above all else, to determine in your heart to serve Christ with all your strength and to let Him use you in the lives of other people.

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