Owen’s Blog: November 12, 2017

Ask the Lord to “set you apart” for Himself and His eternal purposes. We can’t live for the things in the world (ie money, popularity, success, pleasures, etc.) and serve the Lord. Ask the Lord to search your heart and reveal to you any secret loves, strong personal ambitions for your life or any idols you have set up in your heart. Ask the Lord to use you in a greater way in the months ahead. Cry out to the Lord, “Use me…Let me be your hand extended. Speak through me. Increase the level of my anointing and my authority in Christ. Make me fruitful for your honor and glory. Let your kingdom be extended through me. Without your power I can do nothing! I wait on you, Lord. Thank you for the opportunities you will give me. I thank you for the divine appointments you are arranging for me. Let’s go, Holy Spirit. I can hardly wait! In Jesus’ Name. Amen”.

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