Owen’s Blog: June 4, 2017

The first requisite for the baptism with the Holy Spirit is a clean heart and salvation from all known sin (Acts 15:8-9). For anyone who seeks a spiritual experience it is most important to remember that this always begins with a cleansing of the heart. This should always be a starting point for any blessing God has promised. The Holy Spirit will not take up his residence in a heart that is not clean. When God sees that we desire holiness and are wholly given up to Him, then He seals us with the Holy Spirit. When all conscious sin has been dealt with, He puts His seal upon the heart that is honest and clean. Jesus’s great desire for his disciples is that we might experience the mighty baptism of the Holy Spirit. I have found that when one “lives the prayer life”, it becomes most natural to enter into the fullness of the Spirit. A real faith always brings a real experience! When our lives are fully yielded to God and we have placed ourselves on His altar praying for fullness of the Holy Spirit we know we are praying according to His will!

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