Owen’s Blog: July 30, 2017

Jesus does not call us to save the world and he did not call us to love the world. The task is too big. But He did ask us to love our neighbour. And who is our neighbour? It’s the needy person that God brings to our attention. No matter if that person is across the street, across the nation or across the world…when God puts you on a collision course with a person in need, then that is your neighbour! We can all be sensitive to neighbours who cross our path, whether it’s in the parking lot or on the other side of the world. Read Deuteronomy 15:11; Psalm 41:1; Luke 14:13-14 and James 2:15-17. Have you been helping any neighbours lately? Don’t stop now. Keep going and keep loving. Don’t become “weary in well doing”. Your labor will not be in vain! Remember…we can’t save the world, but we can reach that needy person who God brings to our attention.

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  1. Sue Sabo

    Hi Pastor Owen- Susan sabo (nee Bruder) here. My mom Joyce Bruder attended your church for many years. You married my husband Kelly and I in 1990. You baptized me in 1999 when I was now the Lords. You taught me some ‘new believer’ lessons too. You dedicated our daughter Cassady. She is now wandering into other pastures- 18 years old- and living in North vancouver at my brothers (liberal/ non believers?). We live on vanc island. I’m encouraging her to attend your church. Just thought I’d tell you in case one day she actually shows up. What time is your Sunday service? I’ll let her know that.

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