Owen’s Blog: December 10, 2017

E. Stanley Jones, in his devotional book, “Growing Spiritually”, believes that joy is a by-product of love. “If you seek joy first, it will elude you. But if you go out to love everybody in the Name of Jesus, joy will seek you out. You will be automatically joyful”. It seems that everybody I meet wants to be happy, but most are intensely unhappy. Many people will get drunk over the Christmas season. Some get drunk to forget the emptiness of their lives, to forget guilt, or to escape inner and outer frustrations. But the “Spirit-filled” Christian doesn’t have to drink to have a good time. He/she has a laughter that is born of the consciousness that life approves of him, that it backs him and sustains him and furthers him, no matter what happens! A Christ-centered believer is incorrigibly happy…filled with the joy of sins forgiven, overwhelmed with the thought of God watching over him/her constantly. He has tasted the joy of Jesus and doesn’t need a stimulant to have a good time. “Lord I thank you for this incorrigible joy…a joy that abounds perpetually in my heart. Today I make myself happy in You, Lord. Spring up oh well and overflow…flow through me…set others free – Amen”.

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