Owen’s Blog: August 6, 2017

I celebrated my 69th birthday a couple of weeks ago and felt that Gary Collins was helpful in his thoughts on ten traits of a life well lived.

  1. Spiritual passion: Loving God with all your heart, soul and mind
  2. Compassionate caregiving: Loving your neighbours and others
  3. Character: Developing values and guiding principles
  4. Balance: Keeping equilibrium and perspective…a balanced life
  5. Vision: Living a focused, purpose-driven life
  6. Teamwork: Working with others to share and grow together
  7. Adaptability: Dealing with new trends and continual change
  8. Soul care: Keeping control of your lifestyle and private world
  9. Growth: Continually moving forward
  10. Hope: Living in the present with awareness of the future

It is my desire to live a well-lived life that pleases the Lord and brings honor to Him.

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  1. Todd Mcgillivray

    I may not know you that well sir, yet you seem to flourish in the very areas you desire. Not only is this an inspiration… your live has brought hope to those who too want to live a flourishing and full life pleasing to the LORD.

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