Grief Share

Your Journey from Mourning to Joy!

When the rest of the world has gone back to life and you can’t. Grief Share is a seminar/support group of people grieving the death of someone close. Whether your loss was recent or some time ago and you are struggling with that loss, Grief Share is for you. These are people who know what you are going though and will walk along side you in your journey through mourning.

Loosing someone you love is one of the most painful, confusing and frustrating experiences you can go through and sometimes that pain takes over your life. It is very difficult for someone who has not lost a loved one to understand what you are going through or why you are still struggling with your grief. Grief Share is a place where you can be around people who have been there and understand your pain.

Grief Share is a 13 week video course that will give you valuable information to help you deal with the process of morning and will help you understand what you are experiencing. Grief Share is specifically designed to help you deal with the loss of a loved one due to death.

Video Topics Include:

  • Is This Normal
  • Challenges of Grief
  • The Journey of Grief – Part One
  • The Journey of Grief – Part Two
  • Grief and Your Relationships
  • Why
  • Guilt and Anger
  • Complicating Factors
  • Stuck
  • Lessons of Grief – Part One
  • Lessons of Grief – Part Two
  • Heaven
  • What do I Live for Now

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For more info on Grief Share contact Lillian Gorrie or the church office by email at or by phone 604-980 0307.