Letting The Lord Build The House

Speaker: Pastor Owen Scott
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  1. Don Hardy

    asking for prayer from many…I had been believing GOD to renew a contract I’ve had for the past 5 years, they had sold the building to new owners, this was a huge thing for me as I also stored all my landscape equipment, lawn mowers, tractor, commercial vacuums etc plus a landscape trailer, also I had over the years built good relationships with the property manager and residents, very emotional thing for me, anyways lol listening to Pastor Owen’s Message “Letting the LORD build the House’ came to the part ‘The danger of using Force’ hearing him talk.. Sometimes the LORD will Open doors and sometimes close them..Immediately I thought, hmm that cant be for me, haha little did I know it was exactly for me! the LORD was preparing me for what lay ahead, I had got a call this week from the new owner breaking some bad news to me, I am sorry but we cant renew your contract as part of the agreement is we use our own landscapers..oh wow did I ever get a punch to my gut! I thought for sure after much prayer and great references this was mine for sure!—after hearing this right away The LORD brought Pastors sermon to me, when GOD closes doors it is closed for a reason, dont fight it! it is a stepping stone for something greater, I have a peace inside knowing this, GOD is soo faithful to us, Hallelujah!!!!

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