Dr. Don Bartlette: Sunday April 17th at Valley Church

Dr. Don Bartlette

Sunday April 17th, at 9:00am and 11:00am services, Dr. Donald Bartlette will be at Valley Church to share an amazing story of God’s redemption and power you will not want to miss!

Dr. Bartlette is a Native American activist with a heart for minority persons,
victims of child abuse, survivors of alcohol addiction, troubled youth, and people with disabilities.  For over 40 years he has used his acquired knowledge in social work, education, and counseling to give a voice to theres groups by speaking to groups and conferences across Canada and the US.

Dr. Bartlette’s book  Macaroni at Midnight is an autobiography of his experiences as a Chippewa Indian child growing up with emotional, speech, and physical disabilities in an environment of poverty, violence, juvenile delinquency, homelessness, child abuse, racism, and alcoholism. It relates how one person in his community helped him overcome childhood disadvantages and live and survive in a multicultural world. For more information on Dr. Bartlette and his work please check out this website www.donbartlette.com.

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