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Looking for a growth group?

No matter if you’ve been to Valley Church 1 time or 100 times, joining a growth group is always a good idea!

Check out the different growth groups below, or contact with any questions. Read more…

Growth Groups!

We really want to encourage everyone to consider joining a growth group this semester!  Although it can be tough to make room for a small group when we already have a packed schedule, we believe it’s worth it for so many reasons. Read more…

Growth Groups 2016 Are Here!


Please check out the catalog at Growth Group Catalog Fall 2016 for group details and how to register.

Growth Groups 2016


Growth Groups will be starting October 2nd, 2016. For more information please email

New Growth Groups for Winter 2016


2016 Growth Groups will be starting January 31st, 2016. Lets grow together! Click Growth Group to download the list of groups available.  Read more…

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Growth Groups for Winter 2015

Growth Groups Launching September 27th, make plans to get connected! We grow better together. Read more…

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Growth Group 2015 Catalogue Available

Download the latest Growth Group catalog here.

Growth Group 2014 Catalogue Available

Download the latest Growth Group catalog here.

Growth Groups for Winter 2014

Plan on being a part of one of our small groups this year. They will be starting again in early February. More details to come.

Growth Groups for Winter 2013

The brand new Growth Group list is available