Mel Sanderson

Mel Sanderson - Lynn Valley Full Gospel Church Children's Minister

Children’s Pastor aka Child Wrangler

Mel Sanderson heads up our children’s ministry and anyone who has children knows that, that takes serious talent.

Mel was born and grew up in Starbuck, Manitoba. After high school she went to Sanford Collegiate, SIAST out of Saskatoon and studied to be a accounting clerk. She then went to Full Gospel Bible Institute in 1996 and got a Theology Degree Minoring in Counseling

Mel then moved to Vancouver and became our Children’s pastor in 2000.

Mel is currently in Costa Rica learning Spanish and following God’s plan for her life. She will be gone until spring of 2016, but have no fear, the child wrangling is being handled by our very own Valerie Hechenova until Mel returns.


What is your favorite quote?
I know what I said because I was standing here when I said it!

What is your favorite restaurant/coffee shop?
The Keg and Bean Around the World

Who is your hero?
My mom and my brother

Who inspires you?
Craig Jutila with Empowering Kids

What is your favorite meal?
BBQ meat with rice

What do you not like to eat?
Smushy food, hate the texture

What is your favourite book – other than the bible?
Anything by Francine Rivers

What is your favourite junk/snack food?

What is your favourite outdoor activity?
Nothing, really prefer the indoors

What is your best thing to do on your day off?
MP3 player, magazine at a coffee shop and then maybe go to a movie

What do you avoid doing?
Filing my paperwork

What is your favorite childhood memory?
My mom, Deugan (my little brother) and I were like the three musketeers, anything we did

If you could pick a super power what would it be?
Read people’s minds

What was your nickname when you were a kid?
Not telling

What did you want to be when you were 6?
The boss of anything

What was your childhood ambition?
Work with kids or money

What was your first job?
Babysitting and night shift at a truck stop as a waitress (kind of scary)

What is your favorite word?

What word do you dislike?
Any word that isn’t spelt as it sounds

What sound do you love?
Toddler laughing

What profession would you choose if you didn’t do what you do now?
Executive assistant or wedding planner

What is your favorite characteristic of Christ?
Doesn’t let people’s selfishness affect His answers to prayer

Obscure Info about me:
I used to drive stock cars but I was terrible, my summer’s during Bible school I did some weird jobs like building grain bins, work a fruit stand and worked the gate and pit of the stock car races