Lani Hechanova

Book Keeper aka Counter of the Sacred and Holy Bean aka Happiness Engineer

Lani Hechanova is our book keeper and general financial person. She was born and grew up in Manila, Philippines. Lani attended the University of the East and received a B.A. Business Administration, Accounting Major.

She got married to Benny in 1975, and they had 3 children. Lani worked for the largest food and beverage company in Manila before she immigrated to Canada in 1987. They have been attending Valley Church since then.


What is your favorite quote?
If you’re not prepared today, you’re less prepared tomorrow.

What is your favorite restaurant/coffee shop?
Cactus Club

Who inspires you?
My missionary friend Erlie who is handicapped and yet wholeheartedly ministers to the mountain people in the Philippines.

What do you not like to eat?
A fruit called Durian.

What is your favourite book – other than the bible?
Recipe books

What is your favourite junk/snack food?
Dried fruits with nuts

What is your favourite outdoor activity?
going for walks

What is your best thing to do on your day off?

What do you avoid doing?
Confronting people

What is your favorite childhood memory ?
Going to week-end outings/swimming with family and friends.

If you could pick a super power what would it be?
Bionic Woman

What was your nickname when you were a kid?

What did you want to be when you were 6?

What was your childhood ambition?
To go abroad

What was your first job?
Clerk at a small office

What is your favorite word?

What sound do you love?
sound of the ocean

What is your favorite characteristic of Christ?
Full of grace

Obscure Info about me:
I can’t whistle