Historic Photograph of Lynn Valley Full Gospel ChurchAs the congregation has experienced a steady growth in the last decade, many have thought that Valley Church must be a rather young assembly. In fact, the work began on March 13th, 1955 as a Home Missions expansion from the Vancouver Evangelistic Tabernacle, downtown Vancouver. There was a that time a Christian woman, named Mrs. Shier, who went house to house and witnessed a number of locals come to faith in Christ. With this as an encouragement, the work began in a store front with a week of special children’s meetings.

It was five years later, December 21st, 1960, that the Church became a separate society and after another five years land was purchased on the present location and a small “temporary” building was erected with the hope of eventually erecting a larger facility in the future. The first pastor for the work was Rev. Harvey Schroeder, who was later followed by Wally Hackett, Paul Lade, Manno Bolt, Peter Picklyk and Doug Ritchie. When efforts were made to increase the facility size, the lot proved to be small to accommodate parking.

During these years, the ministry of the Church was particularly effective among children in the community. It was not uncommon to see a jammed packed building during the Sunday School hour. The number of adult believers, however, remained small and eventually the little building was in need of repairs. After a two year Pastorate under Paul Sheppard, Richard and Bernice Fladmark, who were part of the Lynn Valley community as well as graduates of Jubilee Bible College, took on the pastoral duties for the assembly (1978).

Again efforts were made to bring Valley Church to a place of maturity as a congregation. On November 5th, 1982 the Church became an independent society, named “Lynn Valley Full Gospel Church” and soon the land title and deed of the properties were transferred to the Church. During this time, the Church began to consider a joint project with a group building condominiums next to the church and a group seeking to build a professional centre also next door. By now the centre of the community had developed around the church property and Valley Church found herself right in the heart of the local commercial zone.

During this time, the mid “80”s, Rev. Lorne Pritchard and Rev. Daniel Breen ministered to the congregation and Rev. Breen oversaw a process in which the Peoples Church in Surrey, the Evangelistic Tabernacle and the Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada came along side of the small congregation to erect a building. Richard Fladmark and Helmer Moe were the local church leaders who oversaw the practical side of this, and against what seemed like all odds, construction began in early 1986.

By late fall, 1986, Owen and Val Scott were called to pastor the small congregation. The new building was opened in April, 1987. Under the new ministry and, in simple yet quite adequate facilities, the congregation began to grow. Val took on the secretarial duties of the Church and then in 1992 Glen Ryland, who with his wife Tracy had arrived with Owen and Val from Saskatchewan, joined the pastoral team.

“Valley Church”, which is the name we have become known as, has grown steadily since the late 80’s, eventually adding another service on Sunday mornings. The Church is notably multi-racial and inter-generational. In recent years the structure of the Church has been developing to recognize the leadership of the elders and to release as many members of the body into various areas of ministry and leadership. Starting in the fall of 2000, Valley Church leadership decided to move the congregation towards becoming a cell church. This process is still “under construction”, but the aim is to see the members of the congregation meet in various dynamic cells throughout the city during the week and then on the weekend meet together as a worshiping congregation to celebrate around the Lord Jesus Christ.